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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Work in Progress - Oil portrait of "Buddy"

This oil painting of a lovely Rottweiler named "Buddy" was begun on 8.12.10.  This photo shows the block in stage for the background and main colors, as well as completion of his eyes.  The eyes are the most important part of all of my portrait work.  Until I am satisfied that the eyes reflect the soul of the animal, the rest of the painting will not be completed.  After the eyes are finished, the rest of the painting falls into place.
There will be more detail added to his coat, muzzel and collar, which I will show in the next update!
Follow along to see how "Buddy" progresses.  If you are interested in having a lovely portrait done of your dog, cat or horse for Christmas giving, Willa Frayser Studio will be accepting a few more until October 1st.  Please contact the artist at Rider853@aol.com!

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