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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Tribute to Gracie
This lovely oil portrait was recently created for Kristen Burgers of Virginia.  She lost her lovely Beagle, Gracie, last year and asked me to do a portrait that would allow her to keep her memory.  This 12x16" oil on canvas was just completed and she was very pleased with the likeness.
If you would like to immortalize your sweet canine or equine friend,  please contact me at rider853@aol.com to discuss details
Willa Frayser, Equine Artist
Willa Frayser Studio

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Artist, Willa Frayser displays Art at Myrna's Boots & Bits in Chesterfield, Virginia - New book "Danika & Yatimah" a big hit!

I enjoyed the day and was able to connect with new people.  The New paintings which are shown here:  "Heart & Soul", "Wind Chaser", "Looking Back" & "Secretariat"
were very well received!  Myrna has invited me to come back and visit in the future!
Website:  www.willafrayserstudio.com
Email:  Rider853@aol.com