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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frayser Studio offers portraits in Sculpting

Equus 1 - Handpainted FINE ARTS Resin Sculpture designed by Willa Frayser Studio

Beginning 2010, Willa Frayser, Equine and Canine Artist, is offering portraits to be sculpted in clay, then molded and cast as a resin.  The Resin is then customized to the exact details of your horse!  The average size portrait is 7x8" (plus the solid walnut base) and starts at $725 (includes shipping).  Please view the attached photos and be sure to visit Willa Frayser Studio website http://www.willafrayserstudio.com/.

NOTE:  (Artist Resins are created from the artist's original sculpture and molded using this to create an original resin.  These are NOT mass produced - extreme care is taken to realistic detail, with correct conformation and proporations.  They are not commercially painted in any way, but handpainted by the Artist from the cleaning and priming of the original resin sculpture, handpainted in oils and varnished for protection and realism.)


  1. beautiful work, thanks for sharing your new blog!

  2. Don't know where the first one went...it will probably show up elsewhere, lol.

    Beautiful work, excellent website, very informative.
    Karen H

  3. Thanks for your kind comments on my sculpture! I am currently working on #2 which will be painted as a grey - stay tuned!!