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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dogs also, of course!

Just a reminder, if you didn't already know, that Willa Frayer Studio also portray dogs of all breeds in Oils, Watercolor or pencil!  This is a portrait I did of a Cock-a-poo - darling dog! 

12x16 Watercolor Portrait

I am currently working on an oil portrait of a lovely Rottweiler named "Buddy" which I will post as soon as I take some photos.

I work from one or a combination of photos of your pet.  You can visit my website and view some of the portrait work I have completed - If you are interested in having your special "friend" portrayed, please feel free to email me!  See additional photos below!

Willa Frayser, Artist
Equine and Canine Artwork
Member of the Canine Art Guild

"Charlotte and Katy" watercolor portrait owned
by David and Lynette Musick

Golden Retriever - watercolor portrait owned by Steve Delaney

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