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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2nd Painted Horse Resin completed

EQUUS 1 - #2 of edition of 10
Handpainted, original sculpture by Equine Artist
Willa Frayser

Here is the second finished handpainted resin just completed.  The original head sculpture is the same one I created and had cast in June.  The Bay horse is from this same mold.  There are 8 remaining sculptures to be painted - I am offering at least 5 that can be purchased and I will customize them to resemble your horse (or a friend's horse for a gift!).  Each horse is sanded, primed and handpainted using oils to achieve the highest degree of detail and realism.  The head will then be mounted on your choice of square, solid walnut base (4"tall x 5" wide), or an oval solid cherry base (1 1/2"x8"x5")

Please contact the artist @ rider853@aol.com for more information.