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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Willa Frayser Studio Artwork - 2015


Hello Loyal followers - it has been too long since I posted anything but now I think it is a good time to bring you up to date on new and exciting happenings!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to submit artwork to be considered for the 2015
EQUUS Film Festival 2015 NYC Poster competition!
This prestitious event invites only a certain number of artists to
submit the artwork that they would consider portrays the essence of horses,
the horse industry and all that encompasses the horse.

The paintings above are two of the three that I felt would reach out to people as
relating to the essence of the horse.  Viewers are requested to go to the link below
and find these paintings.  Once there, open the photo and click "like" to count
as your Vote, then "Share" it with someone - this also adds to the count at the
end of the competition!

Please visit this link and place your vote for one of my paintings!

THANK YOU for your vote and I will keep you posted as the competition
comes to a close!

Best wishes and happy trails,
Willa Frayser, International Equine Artist
Facebook page:  Willa Frayser Studio Artwork