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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Time to Commission a Portrait!

14x18" Oil on Canvas portrait
owned by Carol Strauss, Glen Allen, Virginia

2011 was a very good year for portraits (as shown by example above).  2012 is looking to be just as great - however, I still have some openings if you want to commission that special portrait of your horse or dog (or for someone you love!).

Please visit my website at www.willafrayserstudio.com for more examples.  Portrait can be done in Oil paints, watercolor or graphite pencil.  

Feel free to email "rider853@aol.com" for more information or pricing.  

Willa Frayser, International Equine Artist
Member of Virginia Equine Artists Association
Illustrator of the children's book by author, Carmel Rowley "Danika & Yatimah ~  from Egypt to the Outback"

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