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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arabian Stallion WINCHESTER, portrait sculpture in Resin goes home!

Bay Grandson of "Bey Shah", 25 yrs. young
owned by Darcey Purdy of Tennessee

I recently completed this commission portrait sculpture of this lovely Arabian Stallion owned by Darcey Purdy.  We began this journey last year around this time and "Winchester" is finally home!  It has been a fun and touching experience creating this sculpture for Darcey.  Winchester is a very accomplished stallion as some of his record below shows:

08-JUL-04 to 11-JUL-04                   Arabian Stallion Breeding       1st           
ALASKA SUMMER SHOWOFF (6391) Region:  5 20-JUL-02 to 21-JUL-02                            Arabian Stallion Breeding       1st            
03-MAY-96 to 05-MAY-96                   Arabian Stallion Breeding       2nd           
CAHC SUMMER SHOW (1051) Region:  8 16-JUL-91 to 18-JUL-91                           Arabian Stallion Breeding       1st                             
                         Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ       1st            
 ALL ARAB SOCIETY SPRING (1033) Region:  7 15-MAR-91 to 17-MAR-91                         Arabian Stallion Breeding       1st                           
                        Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ       2nd            
 ESAHA ALL ARABIAN SHOW (901606) Region:  16 12-JUL-90 to 15-JUL-90                       Arabian Western Pl Jr Horse Champ      
This sculpture stands 9" tall (including base) and 7" long.  The original was sculpted in clay and then sent to Mountain View Studios of Tennessee to be molded and cast in resin.  Only 2 of these were made - the original shown, and one to be used for personal exhibit.

Any inquiries or questions can be emailed to:

Willa Frayser, International Equine Artist
member of Virginia Equine Artists Association
Illustrator - "Danika & Yatimah - from Egypt to the Outback"

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